Our team is trying as much as possible, we hope with our offer, respond to it

Price = 1 meter

Minimum order per fabrics is 10 CM = 0.10 Meter 

Minimum order total is € 10.00

Tip: use to select the Favorite button substances before you decide to purchase.

If you are unsure about the color you want to order> 1 Meter, first, a sample piece to be requested via our email rosa@glitterstof.nl

Read the description of the item is often the 1 meter may not be exchanged.

All materials shown are in stock, while supplies last

If there is not enough material in stock, you can always inquire for possible backorder.

On = On these Fabrics no longer be reordered.

All Fabrics are 4-way stretch (stretch to four sides) unless otherwise described, when ordering, at the description.

Fabrics are 140 to 150 cm and as such, when ordering, at the description.

* We do not guarantee glitter / metallic / Vinyl fabric, and wrongly used and mishandling fabrics also refer to washing instructions *