Price = 1 meter, Minimum order per fabrics is 10 CM = 0.10 Meter 

Minimum order total is € 10.00

Tip: use to select the Favorite button substances before you decide to purchase.

If you are unsure about the color you want to order> 1 Meter, first, a sample piece to be requested via our email

Read the description of the item is often the 2 meter may not be exchanged.

All materials shown are in stock, while supplies last

If there is not enough material in stock, you can always inquire for possible backorder.

On = On these Fabrics no longer be reordered.

Fabrics are 140 to 150 cm and as such, when ordering, at the description.

* We do not guarantee glitter / metallic / Vinyl fabric, and wrongly used and mishandling fabrics also refer to washing instructions *

Materialen voor het maken van eigen mondkapjes

K-203 Cotton Poplin Black NO Stretch

K-202 Op=Op Cotton Fabric Black NO Stretch

K-02 Cotton Off White NO Stretch

K-201 Cotton Fabric White NO Stretch

K-004P Cotton Poplin baby Pink NO Stretch

K-01P Cotton Poplin Red NO Stretch

K-047 Cotton Ochte Yellow NO Stretch

K-047P Cotton Poplin Ochte Yellow NO Stretch

K-048 Cotton Poplin Navy NO Stretch

K-051P Cotton Poplin Fuchsia NO Stretch

K-500 Cotton Washed Print NO Stretch

K-001 Cotton Big Rose Black,Red,Pink Print NO Stretch

K-002 Cotton Flower Lila,Purple-Violet ,Pink Print NO Stretch

K-003 Cotton Small Rose Black,Red,Pink Print NO Stretch

K-004 Cotton Wild Flower Navy, White, Lila , Pink Print NO Stretch

K-005 Cotton Wild Flower Black, White, Pink, Blue Print NO Stretch

K-006 Cotton Flower with Gray Foliage Print NO Stretch

K-007 Cotton Cherry and Strawberry Red Print NO Stretch

K-008 Cotton Cherry and Strawberry Black Print NO Stretch

K-009 Cotton Hearts Aqua White Print NO Stretch

K-010 Cotton Hearts Fuchsia White Print NO Stretch

K-011 Cotton Paisly Pink/White/Violet Print NO Stretch

K-012 Cotton Balls Various Petrol Print NO Stretch

K-013 Cotton Balls Various Red Print NO Stretch

K-022 Cotton Stretch Pink-Bleu Wild Roses Print

K-101 Cotton/Satin Flower Black/White Print NO Stretch

K-711 Cotton Red Flower with multy Foliage Print NO Stretch

K-713 Cotton Burgundy Flower with multy Foliage Print NO Stretch

K-734 Cotton Green Panter Voile Print NO Stretch

K-742 Cotton Orange Panter Voile Print NO Stretch

KK-01 Christmas Cotton Santa Claus Blue NO Stretch

KK-02 Christmas Cotton Santa Claus Red NO Stretch

KK-03 Christmas Cotton Santa, Bells, Christmas Tree Red NO Stretch